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KOZA SECURTITY DEPT, Based on the accumulation of long years of service provided to the well-known people and organizations of the country, it is ensured that security projects are designed and implemented in an effective and economic level with the dimensions of personnel, training, procedure and supervision in many different fields of activity and needs. In particular, information meetings are organized to support the ine impact of demand on supply that we believe is important among our sectoral problems.

KOZA SECURITY DEPT, considers itself bound by all legal and ethical actions within the scope of customer relations and internal employment policy. Our employees are educated in their fields, aware of their responsibilities, capable of representation and under the support of our organized center, adopting the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Our organization has TSE (Turkish Standards Institution)  SERVICE QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE in order to certify its adequacy to provide security service as trademark, kind and type of service place.

With its team of experts, physical infrastructure, professional publications and know-how, it supports its quality in private security service and education with distinguished references as well as a management approach that will meet the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

KOZA SUPPORT, which is within the body of KOZA GROUP, provides ‘Cleaning, Building-Facility and Site Management and Payrolling and Personnel Transport’ services.

Vision - Mission

Vision; To be a reputable world-class company in all areas we provide service.

Mission; To produce innovative solutions for customers in the service sector.

Our Values;

  • Quality – Provide the best service quality.
  • Innovation – Compliance with world standards.
  • Integrity and transparency – To gain the dignity of all our stakeholders.

Quality Policies

  • To see “QUALITY as a sine qua non of necessity ISO through ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System;

To keep customer satisfaction above all in our works. To follow the technological development closely and to realize reliable, honest planned and timely service with the awareness of continuous improvement. To work with trained personnel by giving importance to the trainings with planned intervals to improve the development and career of the personnel working in our organization.

  • To minimize the internal and external factors affecting environmental pollution through ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System,
  • To use resources effectively and rationally,
  • Applying recycling technology,
  • Working in accordance with legal requirements and legislation
  • Organizing and supporting environment-related training and awareness activities within and outside the company,
  • To ensure continuous development

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Our Services

For each of our customers, “Customer-Specific” is the basis for the development of a comprehensive security system.

Koza Security Services is to select Size Customized Security Services cak that will meet your working and business goals by taking advantage of technology and process innovations arranged to create both Ihtiy Customer Oriented Ihtiy and Maliyet Cost Effective çalisma work plans.

  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Business centers
  • Homes
  • Malls
  • Schools
  • Organized Industrial Zones
  • Sites
  • Hotels and Touristic Facilities
  • Factories etc.

In the scope of “Law on Private Security Services” numbered 5188, 365 days and 24 hours personnel protection and security (Guarding) services are carried out together with Mobile Inspection teams.

We are at your service with our trained and aware personnel, capable of representation and our operation and inspection team.

Koza Security provides this service by making use of every opportunity offered by modern technology with its carefully selected, well-trained staff and experienced management staff.

Koza Security Education Institution; be able to carry out the specific security and protection duties provided by law in order to assist the general security forces in the matters of security and public order and to protect all kinds of property; who possess technical and tactical knowledge, high business discipline, professional and general culture, believe in the rule of law, respect human rights, adopt a modern and dynamic thinking system, adapt to developing technologies, understand their powers and application styles, communicate effectively with high character and quality security guards.

Koza Security Education Institution; Under the Law No. 5188

  • Basic Security Training
    • Armed
    • Unarmed
  • Renovation Training
    • Armed
    • Unarmed
  • In-Service Shooting Training
  • Simulation Trainings

It serves.


Simulation Trainings

These are the trainings implemented in the field by reviving emergency scenarios prepared according to the priority risks of the organizations. the aim of these trainings is to ensure that the personnel assigned to the scenarios prepared are ready for any emergency by shortening the transition period from routine to emergency under pressure.

Minimum Budget – Provide solutions for Maximum Security,

Security projects;

  • overlapping with developing private security systems and protections,
  • Sensitive to laws and human rights,
  • Provision of selected private security personnel in order to carry out Facility Security appropriately,
  • Risk analysis determination, feasibility report, facility specific project,
  • Preparation of protection security plans and procedures,
  • Audit and system test applications,
  • Training.
Our Office Support Services enable all of our office support needs to be met while our customers focus on their core business.

Cocoon Support Services; It is structured to meet the special needs of customers by producing special solutions for them.

Our services;

  • Service catering staff,
  • Advisory staff,
  • Office-boy,
  • Driver,
  • In-house logistics service,
  • Switchboard operatör

Team management, setting goals, areas that need to be developed are fully under the responsibility of Cocoon Support Services, and we also take care of the performance and training of our employees.


Employee satisfaction from timely and accurate payroll management, from payroll processing to cost savings and from fixed costs to variable costs, rapid compliance with changing laws and other HR practices.

With the payroll service, companies do not need to employ the personnel who will perform these works in HR departments, as well as saving time and reducing costs in making administrative decisions.

  • Payroll service stages;
  • Information entry of the existing personnel and completion of the files,
  • Procedures related to newly hired personnel,
  • Transactions of the personnel during the working period,
  • Personnel exit procedures,
  • Fee payment transactions,
  • Monthly periodical transactions,
  • Annual personnel budget studies,
  • Legislation consultancy.

What We Offer You in Corporate Car Rental

By focusing on your sector, Koza Filo helps you to use your needs with innovative solutions quickly and confidently on the way to success.

With fixed payment options, it helps you plan your budget for car rentals.

It offers you and your employees the most suitable tools for their goals with the options needed.

Koza Filo, Long-term car rentals, eases your workforce with the following services.

  • 7/24 Roadside Assistance
  • Professional Consulting
  • Province Based Plate
  • Maintenance
  • Damage / Accident
  • Substitute Vehicle
  • Tire Change
  • Traffic, Insurance, Inspection
  • Fuel Management Service
  • Valet service

With Koza Fleet rental, your only job is to plan your destination and time.

Koza Group aims to improve the commercial image, increase the image quality of the office and common areas and provide a healthy working environment for the employees.

Koza Group provides a complete service to its customers by considering the cleaning needs of the companies.

Some of these services include office cleaning, exterior cleaning, hard floor maintenance and cleaning, post construction cleaning, food production and warehouse areas, healthcare …

From apartments to detached villas, from offices to workplaces, we clean all areas that require hygiene such as glass, walls, floors, bathrooms and kitchens with environmentally friendly materials and our friendly staff, and prepare places where you will have a happy life.

Our road map for cleaning service is as follows;

  • Feasibility
  • Infrastructure reviews
  • Detailed cost
  • Operation and task organization
  • Project installation and execution
  • Project installation and supervision
  • Periodic reporting

With its experienced and expert staff, Koza Group offers wide-based management services that can meet all your security, cleaning and other needs in order to carry out the main activities and operation of your site & organization in a healthier and more regular way. The ability to focus on the main areas of activity by taking matters that may be a workload will give you direct productivity increase in your main activities. In this way, you can solve all the services you need from the same institution faster and more economically.

Services provided;

  • Financial management,
  • Legal affairs management
  • Security system installation and management
  • Cleaning and environmental maintenance system management
  • Technical operation and maintenance management
  • Purchasing management
Koza Group’s services continue to include leading companies of our country in the service network within the framework of quality policy.

Continuous improvement, management systems and customer expectations and requests to act, adapt to the changes in the sector is formed staff.

One of the most important issues in personnel transportation in line with our quality policy is to comply with legal obligations.

Current changes in laws and regulations are continuously monitored by our Customer Relations Department and all measures required by the relevant legislation are taken and our suppliers and company drivers are informed about these changes.

Our vehicle fleet, which is made up of brands, models and genres that can offer different solutions to different needs, is modern equipped, comfortable and air conditioned. Periodical maintenance of the vehicles is done regularly.


  • Internal and external cleaning of the vehicles is done regularly, care is taken to keep the vehicle clean during service,
  • Tools, toolbox, first aid kit and fire extinguishing devices are kept in accordance with the standards.
  • Vehicle inspection and insurance policies (voluntary financial liability, automobile insurance, traffic) are complete,
  • Care shall be taken to eliminate any damage to the vehicles as soon as possible.
  • The doors of the vehicles are automatic and controlled by the driver in order not to cause any accidents.


Documents and equipment required to be on vehicles;

  • Road certificate
  • Licenses
  • Inspection
  • Traffic insurance
  • Exhaust Emission Stamp
  • Passenger Name List
  • Route Notification Form
  • Emergency Plan
  • Glass Tow Truck
  • First aid kit
  • Toolbox (Traffic set)
  • Fire Extinguisher Tubes (Suitable for vehicles)

Koza support services unit; The company provides private transportation services to senior executives, private guests and company personnel of domestic and foreign capital companies that have made a name in the sector with modern and equipped vehicles, experienced and respectful vehicle drivers.

Koza Group special transfer services; as many vehicles as the companies need, are offered as chauffeured. The vehicles used in the Private Transfer Service are kept under control with the vehicle tracking system on a 24/7 basis and all transfer tracking data can be accessed at any time.

Koza Group Fleet car rental system is structured to include all brand vehicles sold in our country in accordance with the demand of our customers and the most suitable vehicles are delivered fully equipped.

In any case where the vehicle must remain in the service for more than 48 hours, in order to eliminate the grievance, the vehicle shall be replaced by a equivalent vehicle within 48 hours and no additional charge is required for this vehicle.

KOZA SECURTITY DEPT, Based on the accumulation of long years of service provided to the well-known people and organizations of the country, it is ensured that security projects are designed and implemented in an effective and economic level with the dimensions of personnel, training, procedure and supervision in many different fields of activity and needs. In particular, information meetings are organized to support the ine impact of demand on supply that we believe is important among our sectoral problems.

Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Since we are in direct interaction with Human in all of our projects, it is our top priority to ensure that our team is adequately trained and competent in meeting the needs of the security sector.

We pay attention to the fact that our team mates are harmonious, stable, highly motivated, capable of participating in teamwork, sensitive, capable of controlling their emotions even in extreme situations, energetic, giving confidence, giving importance to personal development and withstanding the stress load of the sector.


The issues that we stop with precision in the selection of personnel are as follows:


  • Educated,
  • Clean record
  • Have the necessary documents
  • Know the requirements of the job

Koza Group is working to make a difference in the whole sector with its team members who will protect and increase our customer satisfaction.

If you want to join Koza Group Family and work with us, you can send your CV to info@kozagroup.com.tr

You can send us your CV in Word or Pdf format by filling in the required fields.

*Permitted file extensions; doc, docx and pdf


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